A brief introduction to the evolution of 24V brushless motor

 25/06/2022| View:2
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In the past 30 years, the research on variable frequency speed regulation of induction motor is to find a way to control the torque of induction motor. The rare earth permanent magnet DC 24V brushless motor has the advantages of a wide speed range, small volume, high efficiency, and small steady-state speed regulation error. DC 24V brushless motor has the characteristics of a DC 24V brushless motor, but also a frequency converter, so also known as a DC converter. 24V brushless motor's running efficiency, low-speed torque, and speed accuracy are better than any control technology mixer, so it is worth the attention of the industry.

24V brushless motor

Although our country's 24V brushless motor development time is not long, with the increasingly mature and perfect technology, the rapid development. It has been widely used in aircraft models, medical equipment, home appliances, electric vehicles, and other fields, and has formed a large-scale industrial chain in Shenzhen, Changsha, Shanghai, and other places. In recent years, 24V brushless motor has become the driving force of rapid development in the field of models. In recent years, a 24V brushless motor has been widely used in middle and high-grade aircraft because of its output and price. Now, due to the rapid development of machining technology, the production cost of a 24V brushless motor is greatly reduced.

24V brushless motor has been used in many industries, with its various advantages to rapidly develop the market, I believe that the future application will be more extensive.