Stepper motors for sale structure description

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Stepper Motors for sale is a stepper motor that combines the advantages of virtual reality and permanent magnet motors. VR motors use cogging cores as rotors. The utility model has the advantage that the step angle can be reduced by mechanical processing, and the disadvantage is that the torque is slightly low, and it is difficult to realize miniaturization and large torque at the same time. A permanent magnet motor can be miniaturized by using a strong permanent magnet and obtaining torque at the same time, but there are limitations in reducing step angle.

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Stepper Motors for sale combine the advantages of both reactive power and permanent magnet stepper motors: the pole logarithm is equal to the number of rotor teeth, which can be widely replaced as needed; the winding inductance changes little with the rotor position, which makes it easy to achieve correct operation control, and the rotor winding inductance changes little with the rotor position, axial magnetization circuit, using new permanent magnet materials and high magnetic energy product to improve the performance of the motor, rotor magnet to provide excitation, the whole operation area without obvious oscillation. Stepper Motors for sale uses a virtual reality structure to achieve fine pitch angles that can be combined with a permanent magnet to increase torque and has been used in many applications. The basic structure of the rotor is that two iron rotors are clamped with magnetic cylindrical magnets along the axis, and teeth are carved on the circumference of the rotor. From the axial point of view, the two rotor teeth staggered 1/2 pitch for installation. The stator has a plurality of magnetic poles with excitation coils, and each magnetic pole also has teeth similar to those of the rotor.

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